Grantham is home to Warhammer’s finest

The King's School has three teams in the Warhammer finals.
The King's School has three teams in the Warhammer finals.
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MILITARY strategy, fantasy role-play and art are all combined in the world of Warhammer.

The game was created by Games Workshop and sees teams or individuals doing battle over table-top maps which can vary massively in size.

John Bawskill and Euan Hogg play Dreadfleet.

John Bawskill and Euan Hogg play Dreadfleet.

King’s School in Grantham is home to some of the game’s finest exponents - the school has qualified three teams for the national Warhammer finals in Lenton, Nottingham, this summer - and they regularly meet in the school library to do combat.

Sam Eade is a member of one of the teams preparing to compete in the finals.

He said: “For me it’s the tactical aspect. I’ve always had an interest in the military, so real-time strategy has always interested me.

“For other people it is the fantasy side or the artistic side.

Oliver Bond and John Eade do battle.

Oliver Bond and John Eade do battle.

“Our games here are very small. Some of the battles in magazines can have tens of thousands and can take up to a week to play.”

The club is run by the school’s librarian, Jo Snee.

She said: “I’ve been doing this since I arrived here nine years ago. It was running before I came but it has been going from strength-to-strength.

“Sometimes we get up to 30 boys coming along to the sessions. They are all good lads and the older ones help the younger ones.”

The players vary in age from Sixth Formers down to Year 6 pupils who are not due to start at the school until September.

Tom Mannering, aged 12, said: “I started in Year 6 and really enjoyed it, plus it meant there was people at the school who I know.”

There are numerous variants of the game with some set in futuristic environments and others based on Lord of the Rings.

John Bawskill’s current favourite is Dreadfleet.

Describing the plot, John said: “There’s a pirate and a vampire. The vampire has raided the pirate’s hometown and killed his wife and family so he has stolen the largest ship and gone out on a quest to kill this vampire.

“It’s a battle on the high-seas.

“There’s another set in the future with space ships. It’s basically genetically engineered super-humans fighting massive bugs.”