Grantham is moved by the generosity of train hero ‘Grantham Tony’ - can you help us track him down?

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The online story of a Grantham man who dipped into his own pocket to help out a mother in distress went viral this week.

Grantham girl Rosie Padley wrote a post on the Grantham Journal Facebook page describing her experience while travelling on the 18.33 London to Leeds train.

A ticket inspector spotted a mother, with her baby, who had a ticket but boarded the wrong train.

Rosie takes up the story: “The ticket man demanded she pay £124 for a new ticket. Over and over again he just kept repeating the same thing.

“In the end the lady was reduced to tears whilst her baby, who was half-way through a bottle that I had helped make, also began to cry - probably because the evil man was being so mean to her mother.

“The man opposite then pipes up and asks the ticket man to waive her ticket or the woman is going to have to wait at Grantham for three hours with her baby. The ticket man refuses and the man then pays the woman’s £124 ticket on his AmEx and refuses to take the woman’s £50 cash because he thinks she was treated so awfully.”

Rosie completed her story by adding: “Tony from Grantham, you have literally restored my faith in men!”

More than 2,300 people “liked” the story on the Journal’s Facebook page and more than 200 people added their comments.

Men wanted to shake his hand and women want to know if he’s single while everyone seemed to agree it was the actions of a “true gent”.

Sue Claricoats wrote: “Tony what a gentleman you are. Wish we knew who you were.”

Meanwhile Faye Kemble suggested a “Find Tony” Facebook campaign.

But is it a true story? Is “Grantham Tony” out there? If you are “Grantham Tony” then give us a call at the Journal on 01476 562291.