Grantham Journal Big Interview: Employee goes above and beyond

Grantham Journal Business Awards 2014: Employee of the Year winner Sam Farkas of Courageous Success
Grantham Journal Business Awards 2014: Employee of the Year winner Sam Farkas of Courageous Success
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Training and development company Courageous Success were not only finalists in the Business of the Year and Business Innovation categories at the Grantham Journal’s Business Awards, but developer Sam Farkas won Employee of the Year.

The firm has 10 staff in the UK, US and Australia, but are based in Stoke Rochford and both Sam and colleague Liz Mortley spoke to the Journal.

Grantham Journal Business Awards 2014

Grantham Journal Business Awards 2014

Sam, what did it mean to win Employee of theYear?

I was thrilled. To be selected from such a wide and varied group of incredibly talented and inspirational individuals was an honour. My role at Courageous Success makes me feel incredibly proud and lucky, and my work with clients really makes a difference.

Liz, what made Sam Employee of the Year?

Sam has gone above and beyond to make an outstanding contribution to our success and especially in our expansion into Australia. Along with the fantastic feedback for her development role, Sam has trained our new Australian developers. This involved working remotely and around the time zone difference with all the challenges that brings. Sam’s unstinting commitment also showed when, despite a period of serious illness she did not let this affect the development programmes of her individual clients. Sam is always a positive, helpful and caring member of the team, is supportive to others, has a calm and low key approach, and brings a fresh perspective to any situation.

Sam, what is Courageous Success like to work for?

I have worked here for about three years and enjoy every minute. As a business we really walk the talk, actively doing what we work with our clients to achieve – being the best of ourselves, believing in ourselves every day and supporting each other. The culture is about being real, authentic and honest, supporting and enabling you to really be yourself and feel great at work.

What do you offer clients?

For over a decade we have been transforming the way the world develops people. We work globally through workshops and 1:1 development with companies from multinationals to smaller enterprises, and with people at all levels to release new steps in their potential, build self-imposed strength and team confidence, courageously generate better bottom line results, improve relationships, heighten perspective, clarity and creative skills and lift positivity. We also work with those looking for inspirational personal development outside of the corporate world with lifestyle programmes.

You are a global company, but what made you decide on Stoke Rochford as a base?

The founder, Liz Villani, lives near Grantham and always appreciated the central location and access to major travel routes including the easy commute to London. Our Discovery Centre is a converted barn set amongst the beautiful countryside and woodland of the Stoke Rochford estate, and is valued by ourselves and our clients as a perfect location for away-from-it-all, relaxing and inspirational training and meetings, and is a great place to work.