Grantham Journal Big Interview: Grant enjoys bringing his show back home

Grant Koper
Grant Koper
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Grant Koper has just enjoyed bringing his musical show Some Enchanted Evening to his home town of Grantham.

Grant, 26, has his own production company, See Productions Ltd, and staged the show at the Guildhall Arts Centre for the third time. Grant came to live in Grantham with his family when he was eight and later attended Sir William Robertson High School in Welbourn, before going to stage school. Grant now lives in south London with his partner. Last week, a group of students from Priory Ruskin Academy paid the company a visit as it was preparing for its show at the Guildhall.

The cast of Some Enchanted Evening with students from Priory Ruskin Academy.

The cast of Some Enchanted Evening with students from Priory Ruskin Academy.

How did the visit with the Priory Ruskin students go?

It went really well. They attended the rehearsal. We were doing a technical rehearsal so they saw how the technical side of it happens in such a short space of time. Then we gave them a tour of the backstage and the technical box. They got to see how a professional compay comes in and works throughout the day, which is something I never got the chance to do until I worked in a job.

What is it like to come back to Grantham with your own show?

The audiences throughout the tour have been lovely. This is our third time in Grantham and we come here partly to support the theatre but also because it is a great chance for my family and friends to come and see us. I grew up in Grantham, as did Victoria Rigby who is also in the show.

Some Enchanted Evening.

Some Enchanted Evening.

How does the show change from tour to tour?

We always change the set list and this year we included more movement and 
staging. We added some comedy numbers like Flash, Bang, Wallop from Half a Sixpence and just made the show that little bit bigger. This is actually the first time I have performed in it so, for me, it is really nice to get 
that response from the 
audience. It’s really refreshing for me.

How did you get involved on the stage?

I saw my cousin in a dance show when I was five and I said to my mum, ‘I have got to go to dance classes’! They even built a stage in the garage and I have been making shows ever since I was a child. It’s something in my blood. After school I went to Laine Theatre Arts in Epsom.

Will you be back with the show next year?

We will definitely be back in Grantham but I don’t know if it will be next year or maybe the year after. The tour is almost over this year. There are just two more dates to do and then I have other jobs in October/November. I run my own production company but at the moment I have also written a children’s book with a girl from Grantham and we are in the process of turning that into a children’s play.