Grantham Journal Big Interview: Peace of Mind at Gilder Care

Grantham Journal Business Awards 2014: Customer Care winner Gilder Care EMN-140304-125852001
Grantham Journal Business Awards 2014: Customer Care winner Gilder Care EMN-140304-125852001
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At the Grantham Journal Business Awards in April the highly sought after title for best customer service was awarded to home care and adult support provider Gilder Care.

Set up by Graham Gilder, who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1988, Gilder Care helps people of varying needs and ages, both in the public and private sector.

The Journal spoke to Gilder Care’s manager Maureen Jones, who has over 40 years experience in providing adult healthcare services.

She told us what winning the award meant to Gilder Care, as well as more about the provider’s customers, staff and the importance of adult healthcare services in the home.

What did it mean to win the Customer Service Award?

Winning the award meant so much to us. When we formulated the company in 2011, we wanted to support our clients in the way that we would want to be supported, to feel that we mattered as individuals and to know that the support we received was the support that we wanted. Winning this award proves to us that we have succeeded in our aim. It is also a big “thank you” to our staff team because they deserve it. Without them, we couldn’t do it.

What support do you provide to customers?

We enable the people that we support to live in their own homes for as long as they are able. This may mean supporting someone to get up in the morning, wash, dress, have breakfast and take their medication then return in the evening to do the reverse. We also support people during the day with meals, to go out shopping, visit friends or have days out. In fact, everything that they used to do independently.

What are the typical ages and needs of customers?

At the moment, our clients’ ages range from 40 to 100. This can be for full support as described above or just to access the community.

How many staff do you employ and what is their expertise?

We employ 22 members of staff, most of whom have care qualifications and a lot of experience. Those who don’t have qualifications are in the process of taking them.

Why do you think it is so important to have home care providers like Gilder Care?

Everyone likes to think that if they need support to stay in their home, they will receive exactly what they want when they want. At Gilder Care, we work hard to ensure that happens. We all need reassurance and peace of mind to know that if we ever need home support, there are people, professionals, who can provide it.

How can people get in touch if they want to organise support from Gilder Care?

Our address is: 8-9 Withambrook Park, just off Belton Lane, nearly opposite the golf course.

People are very welcome to call in and see us at any time to discuss the support that they require.

Alternatively, they can telephone us on 01476 978077 or email us at They can also look on our website to see what we can offer at