Grantham Journal caricature: Cath Rowson of Grantham ROCK

Caricature of Cath Rowson, by Terry Shelbourne.
Caricature of Cath Rowson, by Terry Shelbourne.
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Nearly 15 years ago, Cath Rowson and a group of friends decided to tackle the prevalence of stray cats in the area by setting up Grantham ROCK (Rescue of Cats and Kittens).

Now the organisation not only finds new homes for stray cats, but can also neuter those belonging to anyone struggling to afford it through its links with Kirks Vets.

By doing so, they help prevent unwanted cats being born and then abandoned, and Cath says that, consequently, over the years they have definitely seen a reduction in the number of strays.

Nevertheless, the rescue centre run from Cath’s own house on Redcross Street still sometimes sees up to 50 cats needing homes, and she is always on the lookout for new loving owners.

As well as being surrounded by moggies, Cath, who loves all animals, also has a dog called Barley who fortunately gets on with her feline companions and helps keep Cath fit with regular walks.

While she now runs Grantham ROCK full-time alongside a great team, Cath was previously a dinner lady at both the National School and Gonerby Hill Foot School. She herself has three children – Adam, Simon and Helen.

Aged 63, Cath was born in Grantham and has also lived for a time in Germany and Borneo. She names travelling as one of her main hobbies, having enjoyed trips to Australia, Singapore, Thailand and – her personal favourite – a road trip across America.

Her other passion is music and, rather fittingly given the name of her charity, describes herself as ‘a bit of a rocker’. In particular, she is a fan of Queen and Bon Jovi.

With regards to Grantham ROCK, anyone who can give a cat a home, who needs financial assistance with neutering, or who would like to donate funds, cat litter or food, can contact Cath on 01476 571636.