Grantham Journal caricature: Darren Joint of Viking Signs

Darren Joint of Viking Signs. Caricature by Terry Shelbourne.
Darren Joint of Viking Signs. Caricature by Terry Shelbourne.
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Darren Joint, 42, is the managing director of Viking Signs, the place to go for sign making, industrial engraving and printing services.

The company started in 1986, and has become a family business with Darren joining his parents Simon and Michèle.

Viking Signs create everything from safety signs, commemorative plaques, window graphics, house and office numbers, vehicle stickers, banners and much, much more.

For example, they made the much-prized Grantham Journal Business Awards prizes again this year, a job Darren says they are very proud to do and for which they make the most of top quality, natural materials.

Darren says he enjoys seeing their work all over town and, while it is difficult to name their proudest creations, the team were particularly happy with their involvement in last year’s Gravity Fields and the national exposure it generated. As well as creating the flags and bunting for the festival, they produced the high quality displays for an exhibition of scientific images from the Royal Photographic Society, which were on show at Belton House and Grantham Museum.

Before joining Viking Signs, Darren was in the automotive industry, working at Ford for 10 years. He has been married to his wife Claudette since 2003, and they have three children – Amelie, Maia and Finley.

Darren’s main hobby is playing the little-known sport of canoe polo. This sees two teams of five play in specially designed, shorter canoes, with a water polo style ball which it is Darren’s aim as goalie to stop.

He is also the former chairman of Total Networking, the not-for-profit organisation which supports small and medium local businesses.

For more information on Viking Signs go to or call 01476 957980.