Grantham Journal caricature: Lillian Stones

Caricature of Lillian Stones, by Terry Shelbourne.
Caricature of Lillian Stones, by Terry Shelbourne.
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During her 96 years, Lillian Stones has played an integral role in the key moments of countless people’s lives.

For many, she was there on the day they were born, through her job as a midwife at Grantham Hospital.

Born in Long Sutton, Lillian trained at Leicester General Hospital before coming to Grantham during the 1950s with her husband John. Her colleagues included the sister of a very famous local, Muriel Roberts, who she remembers working in the X-ray department.

If she wasn’t there for your birth, Lillian might have been there for another big day in your life – your wedding day.

After leaving midwifery to take care of her own two daughters, Sally and Sue, Lillian’s love of needlework, millinery and dressmaking developed into another career.

She began teaching evening classes in Grantham, Knipton and Newark, and was frequently asked to make bridesmaid dresses and the all important wedding dress for numerous brides. Indeed, she has photo albums full of gowns she has made in every style and colour imaginable.

One creation Lillian is particularly proud of is the wedding dress she made for art historian Pamela Tudor-Craig on her marriage to Sir John Wedgwood, of the well-known pottery family.

Lillian is also very proud of her own family, who have ended up living all over the world. Her daughter Sally has settled in New Zealand, while Sue who has sadly passed away, spent time over in America. Lillian speaks very highly of her granddaughter Phoebe who, after earning a university degree in modern languages, has also decided to make her home abroad, and is now teaching in France.

While her family may be farther afield, Lillian has many friends in town, and is a member of Grantham Baptist Church’s congregation.