Grantham Journal Caricature: Luis Gaspar of Cecil Street Fish Bar

Caricature of Luis Gaspar, by Terry Shelbourne.
Caricature of Luis Gaspar, by Terry Shelbourne.
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Luis Gaspar, aged 42, runs the Cecil Street Fish Bar with his wife Maria.

The couple are originally from Madeira in Portugal, but 25 years ago decided to move to the UK after getting married.

Before settling in Grantham they used to run a fish and chip shop in Oxford , and so have plenty of experience in serving the popular British dish.

They have a 16-year-old son, also called Luis, whose father and namesake still thinks of as his ‘little boy’.

Cartoonist Terry Shelbourne is one of the Fish Bar’s regular customers, and so thought it was about time Luis had his own caricature.

When he is not providing Granthamians with the classic cod and chips or other fishy favourites, Luis enjoys a spot of gardening at their East Avenue home.

They also return to Portugal for two weeks every summer to see family.

The Fish Bar is open from 11.30am-2pm and from 4.30pm-9pm every day except on Sundays and Monday mornings.