Grantham Journal caricature: Natalie Kaye of Roma Travel

Caricature of Natalie Kaye of Roma Travel, by Terry Shelbourne.
Caricature of Natalie Kaye of Roma Travel, by Terry Shelbourne.
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Natalie Kaye is manager of Roma Travel in Grantham, and as you would expect from someone whose job is providing people with their dream holidays, Natalie’s been on a few amazing trips herself.

A jetsetter whose travels have included time in Australia, New Zealand, the Americas and the Far East, among her highlights are climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge and seeing the Mayan ruins at Coba in Mexico.

She is even going away this weekend on a mini-break to enjoy the beauty (and chocolates) in Bruges.

At a quick estimate she says she goes on between three to five holidays a year, so if you are looking for that perfect getaway, Natalie is well-placed to recommend the best places.

Morever she has 16 years experience in the travel industry, six of which she has spent as part of the Roma team. Along with colleagues Maureen and Kayleigh who like Natalie are based at the Grantham office, they specialise in providing long-haul holidays, but also have plenty closer to home.

For instance Natalie has noticed a rise in those asking for packages to Disneyland Paris since the travel agents helped with the Grantham Journal Children’s Fund trip to the fairytale theme park last year. Even though she was not particularly a Disney enthusiast beforehand, seeing the smiles on the faces of the children - and the adults - has certainly converted Natalie - she is now even planning a trip to the Florida version.

Back in the UK, Roma are preparing to celebrate their 40th year in Grantham, with lots of special offers planned this summer - for example for those celebrating their 40th birthday or Ruby wedding anniversary this year. Even if that’s not you, there are plenty of ideal holidays on offer at Roma on Guildhall Street.