Grantham Journal caricature: Simmonds is hitting the right note

Tom Simmonds of Simmonds Music, by Terry Shelbourne.
Tom Simmonds of Simmonds Music, by Terry Shelbourne.
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Tom Simmonds, aged 39, started his company Simmonds Music in 2007, which consists of the shop on Westgate, a recording studio upstairs, and music lessons for children and adults.

However Tom’s love of music goes back much further, since his parents gave him his first recorder.

Aged 12 he took up his favourite instrument, the bassoon, and proceeded to learn the oboe, drums and piano to name just a few.

He studied at the Birmingham Conservatoire, and afterwards decided that rather than performing himself he wanted to help others get into music.

He is able to do just that through the shop, the studio enabling local bands and artists to record tracks onto CD or MP3, and a team of music teachers.

Tom, from Dudley Road, is also passing the musical bug on to his and partner Debbie’s four-year-old daughter Beatrice, who is already a fan of the ukulele and recorder.

Simmonds Music on 8-9 Westgate is open Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm, with more information at