Grantham Journal column: All faiths could call St Wulfram’s home

St Wulfram's Church, Grantham.
St Wulfram's Church, Grantham.
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‘Why don’t you write more about that blessed mosque in Grantham?’ I have been asked a number of times recently in much more colourful language than I care to use here.

So this is my take on the subject.

Whatever your faith, everyone must agree that St Wulfram’s Church is the most impressive building in town and should be treated as such. A small fortune has been spent on repairs to the spire to ensure its continued value as the religious focal point for the area. As such, that is how it should be used, in my opinion.

In this age of cultural diversity and financial austerity, why should it be necessary to spend money desperately needed for hospitals and other medical facilities on a mosque, however worthy it might be? Why divert vital social funds to maintain other old and in some cases dilapidated buildings for the benefit of decreasing numbers of worshippers? St Wulfram’s is not used to even a fraction of its capacity on a weekly basis.

If every Christian faith in Grantham made its base at our glorious parish church, there would still be plenty of room to welcome Muslims, Hindus and any other bona fide religions followed in the overall area.

Just think of the benefits to the community: unity, shared costs and upkeep, more funds available to help the poor and needy etc, etc. Joint enterprises would bring so many diverse cultures together under one roof.

A rota could be worked out, as in some European states, so that those with differing beliefs could worship at times to suit their faiths.

Everyone would be welcome at each other’s services and once every so often there could be a comprehensive gathering. Leaders could even devise an order to suit everyone.

An impossible dream? Not with a touch of God’s help and some sincerity in prayer. A chance would be a fine thing!