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Grantham Journal column: ‘Boy racers’ keeping people awake at night

Peter Clawson.
Peter Clawson.

All around Grantham, people are being kept awake night after night by what used to be called ‘boy racers’.

Younger drivers who seem to enjoy causing mayhem on our town’s pothole-strewn streets, with their souped-up motor cars and motorbikes.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear to be just the hoodlums who are responsible for the current wave of nocturnal disturbance, but almost anyone who can get hold of a spanner and has reason or desire at times from dusk til dawn.

Plus the fact that many of the modern hot rods are not the often sophisticated machines they were in the past, but write-offs tinkered with by people who don’t really know what they are doing.

Speed for the sheer hell of it, noise to cause as much disturbance as possible and intimidation of the weak because they are bullies who haven’t the guts to cause trouble which might backfire on them face to face.

All this and because they know there are not enough police cars around to chase them and put them where they belong – on a skid patch to hell of their own.

It’s a pity the police are conspicious by their absence as I’m sure that dirty social word ‘fines’ would produce more than enough extra income for the police to invest in more cars and drivers with which to combat the problem.

These are needed also to combat a more disturbing menace on the roads during the day-time. Not content with riding the wrong way down one-way streets on footpaths, some cyclists have taken to a similar crime, actually on the roads.

So as well as intimidating pedestrians they are now causing a much more dangerous threat to motorists and themselves.

Much has been said recently about accidents waiting to happen.

Need I say more?

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