Grantham Journal column: ‘Has ‘Putin’s pollution’ given me bellyache?’ asks Peter Clawson

Peter Clawson.
Peter Clawson.
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Several times a year now, we seem to be hit with severe atmospheric pollution in Grantham and other parts of the country.

Recently, we were officially informed by environmental sources, via television, that it came from Russia, as you might expect during the 
current artificially-created ‘Cold War’ climate.

Last year Europe was blamed; prior to that the distant Sahara desert, the sand fanned by currents from South America.

But according to my information from a scientist who, not surprisingly, wishes to 
remain anonymous, a major portion of it actually originates in our own country.

It appears that levels of air pollution even here in our almost rural Grantham and district sometimes reach toxic proportions.

Over the years my own sufferings have included ‘Sands in the Wind’ (sounds like one of those early romantic adventure ‘Arabian Nights’ films) caused by El Nino.

Then last year I opened my window and took in a deep breath of what should have been fresh air, only to be almost choked to death. Europe? I don’t think that was another EU by-product.

Recently I suffered a severe mystery stomach upset, which I put down to one of the usual tummy bugs which go round these days.

That is until a TV weather girl informed viewers that 
‘Putin’s pollution’ could cause the symptoms I was suffering.

I must admit I couldn’t get rid of the mental image of President Putin standing, like Superman, facing towards Britain and puffing great clouds of toxic gases over 
Europe in our direction.

It also struck me that our own politicians let out so much hot air, that they could probably do a far better job!