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Grantham Journal column: Is hospitals hint true?

Peter Clawson.
Peter Clawson.

Some readers have told me I should stop moaning about the future, or lack of it, for Grantham Hospital and let sleeping dogs lie.

They believe that keeping the campaign alive damages morale among hard-working members of staff, who I agree need all the encouragement and praise they get and deserve even more.

I’m also advised that maintaining the establishment’s fate in the public eye could precipitate the wrong decision from the relevant authorities.

What a load of bull!

If that were the case, would our newly-constituted MP Nick Boles really have thrown his own lot into the fray?

I don’t think so.

Nick knows the score and having met those relevant powers-that-be, presumably appreciates exactly what their true plans are.

I wonder whether these public-spirited, if not forthcoming, people have told our Parliamentary representative about one especially cherished plan, whispered to me by a whistle blower from Skegness?

It was revealed during of one of my clinical commissioning clowns’-inspired 30-mile trips to Boston for treatment I could have had at Grantham.

This plot is alleged to have just two centres of excellence covering the whole of Lincolnshire, supported by a county-wide entourage of satellite venues, each amounting to virtually little more than a cottage hospital.

As I understand what I was told, even Pilgrim Hospital, Boston, could lose out if it comes to pass, so whatchance would Granthamhave?

Nick Boles pledges to keep services at Grantham at their present level.

But that is already way below what it was in the 1990s, when I suffered my first serious blow due to heart failure, so it isn’t doing us a lot of favours, is it?

I applaud our MP for at least trying to do something positive, but what about my whistleblower’s claim, Nick?

Is there any truth in it?

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