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Grantham Journal column: It’s vital to plan ahead

There has been a lot in the news regarding patients in hospital beds across the country who don’t require hospital care.

Grantham hospital has, at times, significant numbers of patients in a similar position.

Hospitals are the best place to be when anyone is in need of acute medical or surgical care. At the same time, it is important to any patient’s health that plans are in place for when they are discharged from hospital.

Being prepared for going home can help with the discharge process and avoid any possible delays.

While in hospital, we do encourage patients to ask when they will be going home so that they can plan and to ensure it is not a surprise when they are discharged.

Friends and family, as well as healthcare services, can all help get you ready for coming home, making sure you have everything you need; care, clothes, food in the fridge, transport and accommodation.

If at any time you have concerns about going home, please let the staff know. It could be concerns about caring for yourself when you go home or concerns about getting home, or how you will cope when you leave hospital.

Including your friends, family and carers in this process is an important part of a patient’s care plan.

Hospital staff work extremely hard with patients, carers and relatives to ensure that any discharge from hospital is without delay and most importantly safe.

We would much rather patients continued recovery in the best place for them. That way, we can ensure that there are beds available for people who most need them.

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