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Grantham Journal column: Let’s abolish money

Peter Clawson.
Peter Clawson.

Ever since Margaret Thatcher inflicted her ‘short-term-looks-good; long-term-disastrous’ financial policies on an unsuspecting electorate in the 1980s, I’ve been concerned that one day money would outlive its usefulness.

Now that day has arrived and I believe money should be abolished altogether. It’s easy to say, ‘Impossible!’, but when the alternative is the present and future worldwide economic crisis, it seems that achieving the ‘impossible’ is the only answer.

My fears have always been that when international private organisations and individuals become wealthy and powerful enough to manipulate whole nations as they do now, democracy has gone out of the window. In other words the ‘haves’ receive a blank cheque to do with as they will, while the ‘have nots’ get nothing. As things stand, the situation is impossible, but with money out of the equation, the world could become a better place for everyone.

Think about it. On its own money has no practical value. It is merely a means to an end; a way to maintain the ‘civilised’ status quo between rich and poor. Out of control as it is now, it can only lead to global chaos, whereas without unnecessary financial shackles, our world could conceivably become a new Eden.

Imagine asking everyone whether they would like to work less, have anything they want for free on a first-come-first-served basis and live in a world where we are all equal, what would they say?

‘Impossible! Human nature would allow it.’ But the truth is that if everyone worked simply to the best of their ability, a world without money would be Utopia.

Most of the current infrastructure wouldn’t have to change dramatically, profit for the few wouldn’t be our main objective and every member of the human race would benefit from their own and everyone else’s efforts.

If anyone has questions, I have answers.

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