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Grantham Journal column: My invitation to Donald Trump

Peter Clawson.
Peter Clawson.

My wife and I are so ashamed of those people who want to ban US President Donald Trump from making a state visit to this country that we have decided to issue an invitation of our own.

The Queen and Prime Minister can do what they wish, but we would like him to come round to our Riverside home for a traditional cup of tea, a cake and a chat. Then he and his lovely wife will be able to judge for themselves what real, true British hospitality is really like. Not the half-crazed, self-centred, politically correct bigots whose image seems to be seen by the rest of the world.

Unfortunately, there are plenty of those around the Grantham area as well as in more extremist parts of the country. Hopefully, not in our immediate vicinity, however. We of the much maligned older generation pride ourselves on having a more moderate outlook on our rapidly deteriorating planet.

And while we’re on the subject of old age, I would like to remind those who blame an ageing population for austerity that we worked and paid our dues to provide pensions for ourselves, both from the state and private sources.

Those modern youngsters who say we had it all while they have nothing should perhaps remember who paid for their upbringing.

They should also remember we did so gladly and that people living longer is not the only reason for the rapid rise in population which is strangling our nation.

So come on Donald. Don’t take the ‘hump’. Come and join us in a tradition that has helped keep Britain great for centuries. Even Adolf Hitler couldn’t break that habit – and we didn’t need the rest ofEurope to help us defeat him. America, yes, and the wider world eventually. But that’s what Brexit is all about isn’t it?

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