Grantham Journal column: My vandalism worry

Peter Clawson.
Peter Clawson.
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Vandalism has reared its brainless head again in Grantham, I see.

Not just the simple-minded but foul graffiti which has had to be washed off the walls of the town’s sheltered accommodation complexes.

There are also the wantonly shattered parked car windscreens around Welham Street and the protective wooden fencing that has been ripped apart and hurled into the Witham along the popular Riverside Walk.

But who would stoop to such disgusting levels simply to satisfy their own miserable egos?

Two gangs of youngsters have been blamed for the graffiti, one a group of English louts, the other a separate gang of foreign yobs. So presumably it isn’t racist in origin – or maybe it is.

Some residents say they saw drunken thugs leaping onto the parked cars, kicking and stamping in the windscreens and then running over the top of the vehicles to the next in line.

Binge drinking and its effects is recognised as a major nationwide problem nowadays and that could have been one of the causes of the dismantled fences. But also some of the planks have not been found in or around the river, as I understand they have ended up as part of fences at some local thieves’ homes.

It is difficult to say how many times the riverside fences have had to be replaced, but what I do know is that if the banks are left open sooner or later some small child or even older person will fall over the edge into the water.

And who will be the first to complain about local authorities not doing their jobs properly? The drunks and other culprits of course!

Then it will be too late to say: “I told you so”, after the event, won’t it?

So I’ll say it now and hope that the thoughtless vandals will take notice in time.