Grantham Journal column: Nick Boles MP says ‘My priorities will be business, education, healthcare and security. Simple.’

MP Nick Boles
MP Nick Boles
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In eight months’ time, the Journal’s readers will have a chance to decide who they want as their MP and which party they want to be running the government for the next five years.

Those of us who are candidates will spend quite a lot of time arguing about the past: about the decisions David Cameron, George Osborne and Theresa May have made since 2010 and the impact they have had on our country’s fortunes and people’s lives. But I believe that most voters are more interested in the future – for Britain and for Lincolnshire. So I will be making Conservative plans for the next five years the focus of my campaign for re-election as your MP.

I am a great believer in keeping things simple. My first priority will be to keep the economic recovery on track so that every family in Grantham and the surrounding villages feels more comfortable and more secure. I want to continue working with the local council to make it easier for local businesses to grow and create new jobs paying decent wages.

My second priority will be to make sure that our children and grandchildren have a chance to lead lives that are as happy and fulfilling as those of their parents and grandparents. I want to carry on working with local schools and Grantham College to make sure that every child receives a good education and acquires the academic and technical skills they need to get a good job and build a career. And I want to make sure that young families can afford to buy a home of their own.

My third priority will be to guarantee the health and security of every one who lives in this bit of Lincolnshire, from cradle to grave. I want to continue my work with the local health commissioners to ensure that Grantham and Peterborough hospitals provide a wide range of quality services in a friendly and accessible way. And I want to be part of a Conservative government that supports the police, our armed forces and the security services in the crucial work of keeping us safe in an increasingly threatening and unstable world.

It sounds pretty straightforward, even a bit dull. But I don’t think people want their government to be in the entertainment business. It is by sticking to a plan that is working and focusing on the fundamental things that matter to every family that we can secure a happy and prosperous future for our community and our country.