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Grantham Journal column: Pitfalls of immigration

Peter Clawson.
Peter Clawson.

One of the commonest misconceptions about our great country, fostered quite blatantly by successive governments, is that we have always been a nation of immigrants.

But in my book, that simply isn’t true; rather a deliberate and successful attempt to mislead us.

Historically, most of the foreigners who have come to live in Britain over the past few thousand years haven’t been true immigrants, but invaders who have not always done us many favours.

Take the Romans for instance. They are often credited with bringing well-organised civilisation to these islands.

Yet they first arrived in a cruel invasion, killing and enslaving thousands of innocent ancient Brits before ruling with brute force until their own empire eventually collapsed in a morass of utter corruption.

As for their much vaunted social and governmental legacies, I believe they have been the long-term causes of the mess we are in today.

The Saxons also invaded us and their only commendable heirloom was the legend of Robin Hood, while the barbaric Vikings butchered our menfolk, raped and carried off our women. The one worthwhile authority they left was the Isle of Man’s Tynwald parliament, which I reckon we should adopt ourselves.

Not forgetting the Normans, of course, further oppressors with their flagrantly corrupt feudal system, which, despite the Magna Carta, has led to the unelected and unfair ruling classes helping to fan the flames of our financial crises and the abuse and exploitation of those less fortunate than themselves.

All of which leads me to admit that the current crop of immigrants from Europe, although forced upon us by the EU and other outside pressures, are definitely more acceptable than their predecessors.

However, we must not forget that those responsible for most of this more peaceful invasion, namely the aforementioned EU, would also dearly love to take over this country... if they could.

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