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Grantham Journal column: Please don’t be rude

Peter Clawson.
Peter Clawson.

People who believe my most fervent pet hates concern political correctness, privatisation, fat cats and the like, are totally wrong.

My greatest dislike is rudeness on public transport, something I have experienced in and around Grantham on numerous occasions.

Such as ignorant folk who travel when they don’t really have to, while suffering a streaming cold and then cough in your face or down your neck during the whole journey.

This is usually accompanied by sniffing, snuffling, nose-blowing and issuing great sighs as if it isn’t their fault.

Any ‘Victor Meldrew’ comments from the likes of me about concern for fellow passengers are met with a hail of spluttering abuse and even more pollution of the bus or train with insufferable gasps of frustration.

Likewise the person who has sweated up like a nervous racehorse while the bus is waiting to leave with all its windows firmly fastened.

This thoughtless character doesn’t simply want the window next to him or her open, but all the rest as well.

Fine, if you’re sure it isn’t going to turn icy cold once the journey gets going, thanks to cutting draughts from all angles and especially when he has given you a whole lot of verbals about folk who moan, when you simply asked him politely if he would mind not opening the one near you, as your wife suffers from chronic arthritis and will be in pain for days afterwards.

For the rest of the trip your every move brings either a scowl or muttered comment, even if you add ironically, as I do when getting off first: “Have a nice day!”

Now I know our town doesn’t have a great reputation for being welcoming and polite to visitors at the best of times, but surely these instances are taking selfishness a little too far!

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