Grantham Journal column: Rarely is there a Bobby on the beat in town, says Peter Clawson

Peter Clawson.
Peter Clawson.
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Most nights recently we have seen reassuring coverage on Pick TV of our wonderful Lincolnshire Police tackling crime in the county as if there were no tomorrow.

Clearing streets of violence, busting drug rackets, chasing and catching boy racers and drunk drivers, saving motorists involved in accidents, intervening in domestic arguments which get out of hand, nabbing burglars and other felons, and generally keeping the peace wherever they go.

Residents in Lincoln, Boston and Skegness must feel safe in their beds, able to go out for a relaxing meal, walk the dog without danger of it being savaged by pit bull terriers and the like and return home knowing that whatever disaster might befall them, someone ‘in blue’ will always be there to rescue them.

Criminals of all shapes and sizes, on the other hand, must be quaking in their beds, wondering where the next penny is coming from. With the strong arm of the law ready to stop their little games at all costs, they will have no other choice but to go straight.

Lincolnshire Police and Crime Commissioner Alan Hardwick must be so proud of having such a well-managed, well-organised force at his command. Well done!

Hang on a minute! What about dear old boring Grantham, where we hardly ever see a real ‘Bobby-on-the-beat’, while a handful of PCSOs are worked to a virtual standstill? Have Mr Hardwick and his 1,000-strong cohorts followed the usual pattern in Lincolnshire and forgotten Grantham? Has crime in the town been eradicated to such an extent that we don’t need police anymore?

I don’t think so. Just walk around the centre and watch happy shoplifters helping themselves; drive through the streets and join in the stock car racing local motorists; go for a quiet night out and get beaten up on the way home ...

Need I say more ...?