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Grantham Journal column: Send me to the Tower

Peter Clawson.
Peter Clawson.

For years now I have recognised that, like our democracy, the Houses of Parliament have been falling apart.

That is, of course, on the inside among the non-apologies for MPs who are currently cutting our country to pieces and demolishing all the cherished traditions people have given their lives to establish, despite centuries of corruption and disorder.

Not the structure of the historic building itself, which I would have thought should have been well looked after by successive governments, not allowed to become as semi-derelict as some of its occupants.

Cost of repairs and refurbishment could reach up to £4bn or even as much as indeed £7bn. If austerity is all the present occupants claim, how on earth are we going to find all that?

A percentage of the current MPs’ extortionate, in my opinion, proposed pay rise; or as is more usual, out of the pockets of those least able to afford it?

Maybe some MPs could fiddle more expenses, or the Government might transfer the proportion of foreign aid misappropriated by some overseas regimes to fund their own private wars.

Alas I grow too cynical a journalist as some of my friends and enemies already insist.

I suppose we could fall back on that traditional treasure and saviour of all things historic, the National Trust. It might reap some rewards in return, as with lucrative tours of Buckingham Palace for instance.

Better still, why not ask banks and my old friends the fat cats to manipulate a few international monetary rates to help? They seem to be good at that. It would be like petty cash to some of them, especially with added bonuses.

A few pence on the top rates of income tax? What am I saying? I could end up in the Tower of London for even suggesting such a thing!

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