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Grantham Journal column: Some answers please?

Peter Clawson.
Peter Clawson.

Unlike almost every other country in the world, there could never be any suggestion of anything underhand about our democratic elections.

In the interests of transparency and accountability, however, some quite controversial questions have been brought to my attention recently, which I would dearly like our local MP Nick Boles to answer if at all possible.

I know this regime’s current policy would appear to be that if you ignore something nasty, it will eventually go away, but in my opinion the public have a right to have these matters out in the open.

Is it true, therefore, that a van load of some 200,000 postal votes for the recent general election went missing in London before voters actually went to the polls?

Does he know which constituencies were involved and whether the van has since been recovered? If so, could these votes have changed the outcomes in any of those places or indeed the overall result?

Even more importantly, could such a catastrophe mean that the voting in those constituencies or the whole election have to be re-run to ensure that justice was both done and seen to be done?

If, as has been suggested, other controversies have arisen in various parts of the country, will these also be independently investigated?

Why do many more powerful sections of the media appear reluctant to give these matters the wider coverage they deserve?

One thing which does give me some reassurance is that Grantham’s constituency doesn’t seem to be involvedin any of these possible scandals.

Bearing in mind Nick’s increased majority and the scale of his success, it would be unthinkable.

But it would be even more reassuring if he could be as open as usual in helping us to sleep more easily in our beds about the rest of the electorate as well.

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