Grantham Journal column: Stop crippling the old

Peter Clawson.
Peter Clawson.
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Having been criticised for always being ‘on the back’ of local highway departments, whatever that means, I’ve eased up on the pressure recently.

What a mistake it appears to have been; a quick study of my own reveals a lack of progress in all directions.

Take the Grantham east-west bypass for instance, which we have been awaiting for much longer than I can remember. The much vaunted promise of an early start seems to have actually materialised into the felling of a few trees and yet more problems with the preferred route.

As traffic increases to virtual gridlock at times in and around the town, roads continue to deteriorate to a level similar to that in Leicestershire when they were rated the worst in the country.

Despite some progress, the pothole situation is still very much with us. Pedestrians have to dodge boy racers splashing by. This is after we had been assured that a widespread filling-in programme would solve this once and for all.

Speaking of pedestrians, the biggest danger, especially for older and infirm people, is the unacceptable state of many Grantham pavements.

One of the perils of the infamous Lyke Wake Walk across the North York Moors, which I completed three times, was the inability to put your foot on even ground for miles. Likewise local footpaths, I can tell you!

In my view the whole lot need to be totally resurfaced before more people suffer falls and broken bones. Even without these real threats, just walking from one place to another while shopping and so on is making me hobble.

Please will somebody forget the cost for once and take responsibility to prevent crippling us all!