Grantham Journal column: The Big Clean brings out the best in people

Coun Matthew Lee
Coun Matthew Lee
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If you’re a Journal regular, I hope you have read all about the ‘The Big Clean’, the programme that aims to set a new standard of cleanliness in our district’s streets, tackling not only litter but also weeds and graffiti.

More importantly, I hope you may already have noticed the team in your area and seen the difference we’re making. If not, keep an eye out – we’re working our way across the district.

The before and after photos on our Facebook and Twitter pages really say it 

Taking a pride in our district is something we can all do, which is why this is a team effort.

I’d like to thank the many people that have taken the time to identify an area that is letting the area down (I’ve done it myself, and it only takes 30 seconds and you can do it on your mobile).

I’d also like to thank 
the residents that we’re finding as the programme continues.

These are the unsung heroes who – like me - can’t walk past litter when they’re out on walks.

This is community spirit at its finest and it’s always heartening to think that 
they significantly outnumber the minority of people that think it’s OK to drop litter or deface public areas with graffiti.

As the Leader of the council, it has been a pleasure to champion the efforts of my colleague, Coun Dr Peter Moseley (councillor for Aveland Ward) in this area.

Improving our streets matters to us as the district council and we know it matters to our residents.

It is the first of what I intend will be a growing list of things where we are, quite literally, grasping the nettle and making things happen.

I look forward to telling you about other issues in future columns!