Grantham Journal column: The right thing to do? Only time will tell

Roy Wright, chairman of Grantham Carnival
Roy Wright, chairman of Grantham Carnival
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Well, we’ve only gone and done it. Pulling out of Europe that is.

Have we done the right thing or not? Only time will tell. What I do know is that once again we seem to be a nation standing alone and seemingly without a friend in the world. As I recall we’ve been there before, or almost, and as a nation we’ve pulled together and battled our way through. If, as they say, it is us older ones who voted out then the onus will be on us to make sure that the younger generation have a more than decent standard of living to look forward to.

Where we begin I’m not sure, but I do know that we need a strong bunch of leaders who are prepared to be truthful honest and upfront with us. Is that possible? Let’s hope so or I am certain they will soon find out, if they don’t already realise, just how strong the public voice can be.

No longer being in bed with some of the European countries does give me a sense of relief and the thought of being allowed to reset our own rules and regulations again, without interference from the faceless ones, fills me with hope. Tariffs, quotas, embargos are all words to do with trade and perhaps most of us know very little about how they work but here’s hoping our the leaders of finance and industry get to grips with the problems they impose and quickly sort them out.

Will I still be wondering ‘did we do right or wrong’ in a year’s time? I don’t know but let’s hope for all of our sakes out was the correct decision.