Grantham Journal column: ‘Was flu jab farce a result of appalling mess the NHS is in?’ asks Peter Clawson

Peter Clawson.
Peter Clawson.
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What an appalling mess the National Health Service has got itself into under the austerity-obsessed coalition government.

Forget constant carping about Labour’s overspending on vital necessities for the nation’s well-being and focus instead on the billions of pounds wasted on the present regime’s ideological nightmare reorganisation of the NHS in their first few years in power.

Measures which have resulted in long-suffering patients having to travel arduous miles in all directions for both simple and more complicated treatments they could have had at Grantham. Mainly because of crackpot decisions made by the newly-created and totally unnecessary in my opinion clinical commissioning clowns in their misguided wisdom. Then to be told that Jeremy Hunt’s damage limitation exercise was proof that the flawed strategy was a success. What planet does our so-called health supremo come from?

More recently the complete farce of discovering that we had all been given a near useless flu jab this year. Not so funny when you have suffered dangerously as I did with the alleged mutated virus.

I found this out long before it was revealed officially, as two of my friends’ mothers were told as much by staff at the hospitals they ended up in with a resultant dose each of pneumonia.

So why didn’t the ever vigilant national media tell us all about it sooner, so that we would at least have known why we were so ill?

Was it an attempted cover-up? Did they hope the real cause would slip by unnoticed? Eventually we were told that it was discovered, but too late to do anything about it.

But was it too late because the process physically took too long to repeat or because it would have cost too much more of our lovely money, which they choose to give to what we would regard as less deserving causes?