Grantham Journal column: We are improving patient care

Maxine Hughes - head of operations and clinical services at Grantham Hospital
Maxine Hughes - head of operations and clinical services at Grantham Hospital
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Our patients are our number one priority. They are the reason we do what we do and help us improve 
services for the people of Lincolnshire.

The Care Quality 
Commission (CQC) will be inspecting our hospitals this spring to see the improvements we’ve made in patient care and our plans for the future. The inspection gives us a chance to shout loud and proud about all the 
good things going on at ULHT.

It has been 15 months since they last visited the Trust, including Grantham A&E, and since then, we have made many improvements:

n We have more consultants, more middle grade doctors, more health professionals (including therapists) and more non-registered nurses working at the Trust than 12 months ago.

n Over 80 per cent of our staff have had a flu vaccination this year - making us one of the top-performing trusts in the country.

n Since July, the percentage of staff who are working on our Trust nurse bank has increased by 73 per cent. This not only drives up quality as staff on the bank know our sites and the wards they are going to, but it also reduces our reliance on expensive agency cover.

n We’ve invested £2.5m a month on improving the fire safety of our hospitals which includes over 400 new fire doors.

n We have introduced the ‘golden hour’ each day where heads of nursing and matrons set aside the time to do structured checks of the wards to see how we are providing care to patients, to ensure that each area of the hospital is providing the same high quality standard of care.

n We’ve received a record number of nominations for our ULHT Staff Awards this year - with nearly 800 nominations compared to 690 last year. This reflects that in spite of current pressures, our staff are fantastic at pulling together and going above and beyond in the best interests of our patients.

Inspections can be tough but we know that there is a lot to be proud of at ULHT and we look forward to showing the inspectors this.