Grantham Journal column: ‘We must work together to make town a better place’ says Labour councillor Charmaine Morgan

Charmaine Morgan - Labour
Charmaine Morgan - Labour
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I have recently been approached by a number of residents regarding the continued dumping of household material including furniture on town centre streets.

This can be dangerous. In one incident, a mattress was left by the fire exit of a sheltered housing scheme and under someone’s bedroom. Not only did this create a potential fire risk, given the area has had arson attacks in the past, but it was also an incredible waste of what appeared to be a perfectly good quality mattress.

In another incident, a local lady who is registered disabled frequently finds the only exit to her home blocked by regular dumping of items in the private passageway to the rear of her home. Dumping waste on a public land is bad enough, but by dumping waste on private land the perpetrator leaves the landowner concerned liable for the task, and cost, of removal, whether or not they have the means to pay. This is also true of those dumping waste on private allotment plots, another ongoing issue.

Dog-fouling is also an issue. Most dog owners are very responsible and it is such a pity that just a few have no regard for anyone else and will not pick up dog pooh. I had the experience of walking down the footpath next to St John’s Church in the hottest period a couple of weeks ago. The footpath is regularly used by commuters and local residents to access the St John’s Surgery and London Road businesses. The stench was so overwhelming I felt sick. The same route has recently had graffiti cleared from the pathway but graffiti on fences and walls of private property is left to owners to remove and often remains. What impression do we want to give visitors to our town?

When I asked for security to be improved on this footpath and some funding to help private landowners clear up their properties, I was told by an SKDC officer that there is no funding. Yet, we have the council leader boasting of the investment made in Grantham. We need to get the basics right too. That means us all working together to make Grantham a better place to live.