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Grantham Journal column: Welcome to Britain’s promised land...

Peter Clawson.
Peter Clawson.

At Grantham King’s School, which incidentally couldn’t have been more a part of the establishment in the 1950s, we were taught to look forward to Utopia.

The British version of a Brave New World where everyone shared the wealth of a national envied around the globe.

Our inventiveness and ingenuity would lead to an idyllic community, they said, in which automation and other futuristic developments such as computers and the like, would mean that nobody had to work more than two or three days a week.

Everyone would have a good life thanks to mankind’s achievements and there would be comprehensive leisure facilities for the use of anyone wishing to enjoy their free time to the full.

Housewives would be well-catered for with a whole new plethora of labour-saving gadgets to make their hard work easier.

Bringing up the kids properly would be a pleasure rather than a chore, as would all the other household duties so many people dislike nowadays.

The wonderful new Nathional Health Service was already the envy of the world and would continue to be, as more and better cures for the most terriblediseases were discovered by those of us who chose the medical profession as a career.

Scientists in all walks of life would keep Britain ahead of its competitors, as would our technologists, teachers and well rewarded, top-of-the-tree workers at all levels.

War would be a scourge of the past, the terrorism we suffer now would be unthinkable, as no-one would need to feel oppressed or abused in such a perfect society.

Were we fools to believe all those naive fantasies after the horrors of World War Two, which haunted our childhood?

What should we say to those who brought us up to have such blatantly false hopes, now we know the truth?

One word.


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