Grantham Journal columnist: Conservative county councillor Richard Davies

Grantham North West councy councillor Richard Davies.
Grantham North West councy councillor Richard Davies.
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Your readers may well be aware of the decision by Lincolnshire Conservatives, supported by Independent and liberal members of the county council, to call upon the Prime Minister to hold, by 2014, a National Referendum on our membership of the European Union is timely and incredibly important.

Here in Grantham and further afield the issue of our continuing members of the costly and undemocratic European Union is at the forefront of peoples’ minds. There is clearly a growing consensus that the direction of the EU is not in our national interest.

For us, our first priority is to Lincolnshire and its residents and to our country. Party allegiances correctly have to always take second place to doing the best we can for those we represent. We have been clearly told by our communities that they want the issue of Europe to be determined and that can only be through the ballot box.

Europe is the defining issue of our age, only 27 per cent of today’s electorate were eligible to vote in the 1975 referendum about joining the common market. Many of these are taxpayers who believe too many of those taxes are used to subsidise Europe.

The decision by Labour councillors not to support a referendum on this matter clearly speaks volumes about the modern day Labour party who believe in the European dream and having central control over all of our lives. A vote for Labour will mean more Europe, not less.

The overwhelming reason to leave the EU is democracy,; unlike much of Europe we have enjoyed a parliamentary democracy for centuries. In a few short years the EU has successfully reversed that, some estimate that 84 per cent of UK legislation is now set in Brussels.

The British people must have a say on continued membership which is why I fully support Lincolnshire County Council’s call for a binding referendum on Europe in the very near future.