Grantham Journal columnist: David Burling, Grantham and Stamford Constituency Labour party

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Another week where Nick Boles is on holiday, and what do I see but another panic driven anti-EU diatribe from Richard Davies desperately trying to help his Conservative Association avoid haemorrhaging votes to UKIP.

Among his dangerous ranting, there is a smidge of credibility. Where a whole generation has not been given an opportunity to decide on the nature of the relationship with our biggest trading partners and closest neighbours.

But that is where the Tory credibility ends. When Richard and his colleagues claim that their first interest is Lincolnshire, it is in fact avoiding electoral defeat due to the rising popularity of UKIP. When Richard claims that democracy is the main reason to leave the EU, his figure of 84 per cent of legislation is now made in Brussels is not supportable by any evidence outside of the pin wheeled rhetoric of the Daily Mail.

An honest debate is needed. Ideological rages against urban myths and half-baked facts help no-one and create instability.

This instability affects the investment environment for our town, which comes in part from the EU. If Richard and his colleagues want Grantham to grow and develop, they need to ensure a stable environment for investment. Questioning the funding for key parts of infrastructure needed to help Grantham grow does not achieve this.

This instability impacts on farmers and exporters. They need to know what position the UK is taking in negotiating with the EU. Constant grandstanding and political backbiting does not help them plan for the future. They want to see forward thinking negotiation based upon what is best for the future of the UK.

That’s why Labour MEPs work constructively in Europe, securing agreements and lobbying on behalf of Lincolnshire’s people and businesses. By working closely with Europe we can build an environment that will help grow Lincolnshire’s and Grantham’s economy.