Grantham Journal columnist: Good and bad points to the new ‘Shop Local’ map

Columnist: Jacob Stuart
Columnist: Jacob Stuart
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The introduction of a local retailers map to our shops has owners and councillors excited for Grantham town centre’s future.

As odd as something that simple changing the town’s fortunes around sounds, they might well be on the right path.

I must admit that outside of the relatively busier areas, I do not know what shops call Grantham home. Independent retailers may well be struggling to garner attention and business and having no widespread yet focused marketing certainly plays a part.

What the Grantham Retailers Assocation and South Kesteven District Council have done is try and battle that disconnection between shops and potential customers.

Ok it might be better off if the map was colour-coded with the list of shops offered and, yes, there may be more modern ways to spread the message, but when combined with the many other advancements aimed to improve the town centre, we must be slowly but surely heading in the right direction.

At the very least you cannot hold the power wielders accountable for the state of the high street due to a lack of effort, even if the map does bizarrely advertise itself as the 2013/14 edition despite never having seen the light of day during 2013.

As the pedestrianised areas of town developed and with new ideas being spread over how to properly attract people through parking we begin to see that it’s the shops we are missing.

Hopefully, these maps show us the way to Grantham’s hidden retail treasures.

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