Grantham Journal columnist: Jacob Stuart

Columnist: Jacob Stuart
Columnist: Jacob Stuart
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The elections for the Lincolnshire County Council are coming up on the 2nd of May.

On that day we will be able to use our vote to decide who represents our best interests.

It’s important that people who truly care about the state of Grantham and the surrounding area take this opportunity to use their political rights to see their home town governed the way they want it to be.

As I pointed out in my column about the healthcare services of the area, the people of Grantham have a loud voice and, when we care enough, are able to transform opinion and change policy to what we see fit for our homes.

This is another case where we are holding the future of the town in our hands.

It’s very easy for some to complain about the state of Grantham while keeping out of politics. It shouldn’t be this way.

If you have an issue with the way things are going in your town or village, you do have a say in getting it run differently and people should take the chance to get involved with their local politics even if it is simply knowing the candidates and turning up to vote.

If you’ve been happy with the way the last several years have gone with the incumbents and look forward to more success with them, you have your reason to vote on the 2nd of May.

If perhaps you’ve not been so happy with the results you also have a reason to vote.

The SKDC website lists every candidate standing in the elections in the Grantham area and it would definitely be worth researching the candidates for your area.

These chances only come along every four years.