Grantham Journal columnist: Jacob Stuart

Columnist: Jacob Stuart
Columnist: Jacob Stuart
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While I am as disappointed as the residents of Thames Road for losing another green patch of Grantham I do welcome the news that we will soon see our first council houses built in the district for almost a decade.

There are not many green areas left in Grantham that are not centrally located and to take away from children their previous play spot is a sad thing to see.

However, we are all aware of the difficulties facing many trying to find a property to call their own in today’s financial climate and council houses have always been a good way to right this wrong for those in need.

This building programme will come in phases beginning with one bedroom flats on Thames Road while elsewhere in Grantham we will see properties built on Sandon Road and East Avenue. Between the three sites in the first phase we will see nine new homes built, including two bedroom flats.

These new builds were originally meant to be already underway by now with this plan which will ultimately see over 30 properties introduced to the town.

Back in February South Kesteven District Council said that the work would begin in the summer and be completed around a year later. With this delay the first flats will not be ready for occupation until late 2014.

It would be disappointing to see another delay for these constructions as having a property to call your own is such a satisfying experience and a big ego boost.

And surely there are many in Grantham who want, need and deserve such a boost.