Grantham Journal columnist: Jacob Stuart

Columnist: Jacob Stuart
Columnist: Jacob Stuart
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As more and more good news about Grantham’s future reveals itself I am left to wonder whether the majority of the town will react with as much enthusiasm to the rejuvenation as those who worked to get it here.

From volunteer groups to the county and district councillors, people who care about their favourite parts of the town to the whole of Grantham have been pulling in success stories and new ideas. We have seen money fought for causes such as St Wulfram’s Church spire and for refurbishing Wyndham Park.

We also heard this week that another community event will be added to the town’s calendar in the form of Grantham Green Fayre.

The weekend fayre planned for August of next year is just one of the new additions that we have seen in recent years. This is the result of hard working, dedicated people. They would like to see the rest of the town turn out to match their dedication.

But are they doomed to disinterest much like our much maligned high street? Obviously only time will tell but it would seem that the efforts of these passionate volunteers can often be ignored.

Of course people are welcome to not be interested in these examples. It is completely fine to not be entertained by many of the sights, events and exhibitions that the town plays host to.

What is not OK is to slate what Grantham puts out, much at the expense and effort of generous residents, while being unwilling to put forth their own ideas.

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