Grantham Journal columnist: Jacob Stuart on residents-only parking

Columnist: Jacob Stuart
Columnist: Jacob Stuart
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Some sort of residents-only parking scheme is long overdue in parts of town.

We saw on the front page of the Journal last week how one Grantham man, Krystian Stormowski, has got fed up with commuters who use the train station leaving their cars all day on his street.

We all know this kind of thing has long been a problem.

College students regularly park along Dudley Road and many use side streets to get to their work places in town.

Perhaps it is this kind of commuter parking that Grantham MP Nick Boles should be looking at rather than ways to attract people into the town centre.

Shift workers who live in the area of the train station must have a hard time coming home to find their entire street is filled by those who do not live nearby, aiming to avoid paying actual parking fees.

Of course, with limited space to begin with it is going to be hard to convince these people to move to the car parks that were created for them.

Unless whole areas of Grantham are going to be designated ‘residents-only’ we are only going to see them shift around town onto other streets.

It is a complicated issue but as we know the best way to deal with these issues is to listen to those being affected and have the solution come from that.

Receiving a parking ticket because your road was filled by commuters is not a solution. I hope Mr Stormowski sees this issue through to the end.

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