Grantham Journal columnist: Jacob Stuart says threat to hospital trust is welcome

Columnist: Jacob Stuart
Columnist: Jacob Stuart
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The warning delivered to the United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust by Grantham GPs and MP Nick Boles is a welcome one for concerned locals.

After years of stressing over the future of local healthcare Nick Boles emphasised the importance of the quality of service at Grantham Hospital. He admonished the trust on its apparent lack of commitment so far to the deal struck that saw the maternity unit close but made promises to improve services elsewhere.

The maternity unit closure was certainly a controversial decision and one that is still raw in the mind of many. It was hoped that these promises to improve services, particularly to A&E, would make a bigger impact to the healthcare of Grantham residents and would be tackled quickly.

To hear that the ULHT may potentially be ‘cherry picking’ and ‘backsliding’ within the deal is a severe breach of public trust.

It is a long overdue sign to the trust that they need to honour their previous commitment to Grantham. A lack of investment to this town while drawing funds away from it will not do and a threat to withdraw the hospital from their control is not just what they needed to hear, but what we as locals needed to hear.

Whether we agree or disagree with Nick Boles’ stance on anything else we can certainly stand with him on this. The ULHT has shown little in recent memory to earn or keep public confidence and it is high time that something was done to show Grantham is not being left in the dark again.