Grantham Journal columnist: Jacob Stuart says town’s problems are largely down to lazy people

Columnist: Jacob Stuart
Columnist: Jacob Stuart
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The current situation with the Grantham canal is indicative of a larger issue.

We know why the canal has turned out this way; lazy people too self-obsessed to be bothered to get rid of waste properly. It’s too much effort to care about things like other people and the environment when I can just focus on me.

The same can be applied with a lot of problems around Grantham. Lazy drivers parking along roads they shouldn’t, blocking traffic through town.

As always it’s up to the good to clear up after the bad.

Since the Journal first reported on just how poor the condition of the canal has got, there has been a huge response from the community as people step up to volunteer for the clean-up efforts.

South Kesteven District Council has claimed responsibility for the stretch of water and as much as they should work towards stopping fly tipping, they can only do so much.

It is, as they said last week, close to impossible to keep track of who is abusing the canal and nearly as difficult to properly clean.

Therefore it is up to us to remain vigilant and, where possible, change our habits for the better.

When SKDC steps in for their end of summer clean up after volunteers do their best to improve the site, everyone who cares about the appearance of Grantham needs to continue caring.

Otherwise when the weather is not so nice and the trip to the tip is even less appealing we are going to have the same problem very quickly and it’s the taxpayers who pay for the clean-up.