Grantham Journal columnist: Jacob Stuart talks wardens and ‘Dozy Parkers’

Columnist: Jacob Stuart
Columnist: Jacob Stuart
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Seeing the two sets of reactions to the Journal’s ‘Dozy Parker’ campaign and the news that every one of the wardens taken on in December has since left due to working conditions has been interesting to say the least.

Poor parking jobs under the appropriate title always gets applause as drivers are shamed.

Meanwhile wardens, doing what we can generally assume is the same job minus the publicity but with fines involved, are threatened and assaulted. On top of this there is apparently an argument to be made that these wardens are not doing a good job and therefore deserve such treatment.

It should be obvious that everyone deserves at least the respect to do their job with no harm coming their way. There is never need to attack or threaten someone for doing their job, even if you feel hard done by.

Hearing that wardens need to apply common sense and give leeway to people parking against the rules just shows the contradiction and conditions that come along with their role.

We don’t give ‘Dozy Parkers’ leeway or hear them out, and nor should we by the way, yet it’s important wardens let us off when we get caught bending the rules in our favour.

It is sad to hear that people have been forced into leaving their jobs due to conditions beyond their control, particularly during these tougher times.

Surely we can all appreciate the guts it takes to perform in the position and take more action against those who do not feel like approaching the situation as a decent human being.

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