Grantham Journal columnist: Labour’s David Burling criticises MP Nick Boles’ suggestion of Tory rebrand

David Burling - Labour
David Burling - Labour
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This week our MP Nick Boles has floated the idea that Conservatives could rebrand themselves by creating a so-called sister party called the National Liberal Party.

Boles claims that this move would act as a recruitment tool for people who would initially “balk” at the idea of joining the Conservative Party.

This is not the first time that Boles has tried to suggest alternatives to the traditional Conservative Party, almost as if he is ashamed or trepidatious about the party that has afforded him so much and delivered an effective job for life.

In 2010, he suggested that the coalition partners should form an electoral pact for the 2015 general election, by standing Coalition candidates. These candidates would fight the key marginals instead of fielding either Liberal Democrat or Conservative candidates. Even just after he had secured his constituency seat, he has been trying to distance himself from the party who helped secure his victory. Boles genuinely feels that the Conservative Party by itself is incapable of securing enough votes across the country and the next general election to win an outright majority.

What I am struggling to comprehend is why such a high ranking Tory minister has such little confidence in his own party, in his own supporters. I appreciate he probably recognises that he has little personal support amongst his own Conservative association and when he looks at some of his Tory colleagues’ activities in Westminster, he must consider that the odds are against his party. These comments, however, must stick in the throat of loyal Conservative supporters and provides further evidence that Boles is out of touch with the people who have elected him.

As I have said on a number of occasions, and I will continue to do so, Grantham deserves someone who truly represents the voters of the town. Not a populist reactionary, not a career politician with a sense of entitlement, but someone who truly believes in Grantham and what the communities can achieve.