Grantham Journal columnist: Peter Clawson

Peter Clawson
Peter Clawson
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Whenever people in high places start bandying the name of Hitler about it really worries me.

In fact, as one of the original ‘war babies’ born in 1940 it scares me half to death! I think the issue is so serious that the powers-that-be in this country should be reminded of some of the Nazis’ most effective tactics in gaining control and inflicting their evil on pre-Second World War Germany. Hitler and his henchmen discredited the police and substituted their own version of what they considered to be law and order.

The free press was abolished and free speech taken away, followed by persecution of people unable to defend themselves.

Far be it from me to point the finger in any particular direction nowadays, but as we were quite rightly warned during World War Two: ‘Careless talk can cost lives.’ Therefore in the case of recent attacks on international leaders and from other directions on the police, we should be very wary of what my granny dubbed: ‘The pot calling the kettle black.’

In my opinion the only justified criticism of ‘Bobbies on the beat’ in Grantham is that there are nowhere near enough of them. Lincolnshire Police Commissioner please note ... again.

Officers I have met in the town, incuding those who have to be drafted in from places like Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire to make up the numbers are decent blokes. By and large they simply wish to do their jobs in enforcing the law and protecting us all from the ever-increasing tide of criminal activities, recorded or not. So what possible legitimate agenda could any government have in preventing them from trying to do just that?

We were always taught that it was a crime in itself to interfere with the police in the execution of their duty. Likewise with attempts to severely inhibit the freedom of the press.

Sounds like ... Well! What do readers think?