Grantham Journal columnist Peter Clawson: Welcome to the blooming baby boom era

Peter Clawson.
Peter Clawson.
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Whatever we might think of austerity and all that, I am convinced that in the future these will become known as the ‘Boom Years’.

Not because class biased government cuts have boosted business growth to produce a surge in prosperity.

Rather because of what local authorities have at last admitted and anyone living in Grantham in particular was already well aware of - a good, old fashioned baby boom!

Everywhere you go in town these days you see single and young married mothers from different races with young children, husbands pushing pushchairs which they seem to see as an excuse for being unemployed, and hear the exruciating cacophony of ignored infants screaming their heads off.

Not that I blame the kids. I’ve brought up three of my own and looked after grandchildren, plus others for various family friends in my time.

It’s parents who bring them up badly who are to blame and if husbands are going to be allowed more free time to do just that, maybe there could be pre and post natal classes for them as well as mothers.

I know we weren’t perfect parents by any means. Few people are. But we didn’t spoil other folks’ peace in restaurants by letting our children run riot.

The problem is bound to be exacerbated by the current deluge of birth and other influences unless cuts crazy councils and governments introduce measures to deal with it.

New schools and nurseries are in the pipeline, but don’t forget that as well as babies, the general population boom is being fuelled by traditional increases, plus the apparently unchecked flood of newcomers flocking into our town from this country and other parts of the world.

Grantham’s population used to struggle to top 29,000; in 2011 it was just over 36,000 and the latest overall estimate I have been given is around 45,000, including illegal immigrants. Where do we go from here?