Grantham Journal: Let’s take a realistic look at the state of the economy

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Clawson, no stranger to the Grantham Journal, hits the nail on the head and I find his reasoning quite apposite.

While we all would be cheered by the euphoria which is now being peddled by this Government, one should take a realistic view of the state of the economy.

Firstly, the borrrowing is racing away and experts predict that it could rise to 90 per cent of the GDP.

The austerity measures which have been undertaken, the millions spent on the work programme have, one must notice, been siphoned to the Tory friends and donors.

The enquiries set up to protect the Prime Minister in his relationship with the Murdoch gang, quietly shelved, and the numerous U-turns and budgetary failures by George have been quietly forgotten.

The political football of the NHS, in the hands of the Prime Minister’s faithful lapdog previously in Culture, etc, is a scandal that has not just arisen. Successive governments, over many years, must share the blame.

In conclusion, may I make a prophecy which I shall not

see myself, but food kitchens, dole queues and a Tory-led assault on the working man are imminent. Capitalism will finally be broken as in 1914 and 1939, and the poor unfortunates will be told to find work which will, incidentally, pay more than benefits, we are continually told, but where? Does that solve the energy crisis?

So keep the deterrent. One never knows when one may need it, especially as our armed forces are being depleted.

Tom Lambley

Brick Kiln Place, Grantham