Grantham Journal letter: 18,000 cards were delivered this year by our scouts

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May I express our most sincere thanks to all the people of Grantham who supported this year’s Christmas Post Campaign.

We had another very good year, delivering over 18,000 cards. All of the money raised by this effort will go the benefit of local boys and girls in Scout groups in the district.

The campaign brought together a great many people in the organising, sorting and delivering of the cards. Special thanks must go to the businesses who acted as our ‘post offices’, the parents of the boys and girls who delivered the cards, and to the Scouts’ active support team and their families, who sorted the cards and helped in so many ways.

Finally, yet another plea to present and future customers that we will in future ONLY deliver within the advertised areas.

This is where our Scout groups are situated or where our members live.

Yet again we have had a large number of cards (some for the same addresses as last year) for outside this area – from nearby villages, but also many other further villages) to places as far afield as Barnsley and Cardiff. Whilst these cards will be delivered either by hand or Royal Mail (obviously WE have to buy stamps), it presents problems, and is costly, and we would therefore ask everyone to please keep within the advertised area.

Each year we have a number of wrongly or badly addressed cards, the delivery of which tests our ingenuity, and this year has been no exception. Nearly all have been delivered by hand, happily.

I do, however, have cards with no address for ‘Claire & Jamie’, ‘Phyllis’, ‘Mildred’, ‘Jennifer & Richard’, ‘Mr & Mrs K Neil, Gonerby’, ‘Bryan and Pat’, ‘Barry and June’ and ‘Brian and Maggie’ (the last three all appear to have been written by the same person) – if they are expecting a card which hasn’t arrived, I’ve got it!

A final plea for full addresses (preferably correct) on all cards, and again, please, only within our delivery area.

Once again, many thanks from the Scouts of Grantham and district.

Malcolm Hall

Grantham & District Scout Association