Grantham Journal Letter: ‘A fantastic team at Swingbridge Surgery’

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In response to the article ‘My wife could have died after GP blunder’ in last week’s Journal, I would like to firstly send my thoughts to Mr Kurzaj and his wife and hope she makes a speedy recovery. But I would also like to speak in defence of the staff at Swingbridge Surgery.

In all my years of being a patient at the surgery, I have never come across rudeness or unhelpfulness from the reception staff. I have been in the surgery and witnessed the girls behind the desk being shouted at and verbally abused by unruly patients, and never once have they lost their cool professionalism. Therefore, I find it very hard to believe that in this case it would be any different.

Whatever has happened between the doctor’s diagnosis and Mrs Kurzaj’s illness is a medical matter, but sometimes illnesses are a freak of nature and outdo medical science, therefore my faith is still with the doctors at the surgery.

We all put our trust in our GPs and I truly believe at Swingbridge Surgery, we as patients are blessed with a fantastic team of doctors, nurses and reception staff.

Keep up the good work everyone, you do a fantastic job and I’m sure the majority of your patients feel the same as I do.

Ms Anderson

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