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Grantham Journal letter: A garden village it is not – it is simply suburbia!


Charmaine Morgan is correct in her opinion that the Spitalgate Heath Garden Village plan is yet another extension of Grantham’s urban sprawl and is actually described by Nick Boles as “whacking up homes on an existing town”.

It’s repeating the Government’s policy of encouraging housing developments like Barrowby, Lodge Way, Gladstone Terrace etc, while ignoring investment in town infrastructure and health services.

When one does the sums on this £6m downpayment from the Government for these 14 new villages the ludicrous sum of £125 is all each new home will receive (many thanks Nick).

If the £6m, divided by 14, is going anywhere it should go to the A52 missing link road to the A1 so us existing residents get benefit first from less trucks in the town.

The Government’s marketing strategy for these villages reminds me of our presumed sentimental gullibility when charities want support and laughably ask us to adopt a donkey, or even a jaguar. Villages have a similar affectionate attraction. Sadly, the truth is the village as a social entity is under serious threat now due to our communication technology and car mobility.

I can’t see any of these new villages containing a post office, pub, village bobby, village shop, church, GP surgery, garage or village green. Without these defining features they are just SUBURBIA!

Rod Hatherill

Lodge Way,


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