Grantham Journal letter: A laser here would save NHS money

Grantham Hospital
Grantham Hospital
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I would like you to share my day at Boston Hospital.

I needed to have laser treatment on one eye and I was told not to drive home. I phoned for some transport and was told that I could be fetched back but not taken!

I phoned Boston and I was told to be ready at 8am. I left my bed at 6.30am to attend to my house, husband and dog.

I waited until 9am and then phoned the hospital. I was told that the taxi would be with me at once. I waited until 9.10 and by then I was getting anxious and cross. At 9.15 a taxi arrived for my 10.10 appointment.

We arrived in time but I was worried that I might be late. I waited another hour and then the consultant performed my laser treatment and I was told to go home.

I asked three nurses if my transport was arranged and was told “yes”. I waited for another hour and asked again and again and became a nuisance.

A hospital car came for me and the driver did not know about me. I arrived home tired, hot and confused.

Can you tell me how a big county like Lincs can manage with just one hospital? How can the NHS fund cars and taxis coming from all over Lincs, often passing Grantham (we have a scanner) to take patients for a scan miles at another hospital?

The consultant comes to Grantham weekly. If Grantham had a laser would that not save money? This is insane and the people of Grantham should complain.

But who to?

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